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May 2015 Newsletter

Dear fans and supporters of Education,

Our May 6th board meeting was the longest board meeting of the year so far. Some may perceive this as a negative but I am glad that everyone on the board brings out excellent points during the discussion of our agenda. 
• My spirit was crushed and my heart breaks for the loss of one of our students, Marcus Wheeler. This is such an important time for our community to come together and show compassion and empathy to his family and friends. I encourage all students, faculty, staff, and anyone else to seek help if necessary. 

• Graduation Day at Compadre Academy is Wednesday May 20th at 7pm and we'll be starting our board meeting that afternoon at 4:45pm with the hope of completing it by 6:30pm. We will then as a board head over to Compadre Academy to participate in their graduation ceremony. All of the other high schools in our district will have their graduation ceremonies at 7pm on Thursday May 21st. 

• On the Wednesday May 20th board meeting we will be receiving the recommendation from the Citizens Financial Advisory Committee regarding a potential Capital Override for our District. The board will probably vote on this topic at the next board meeting in June.

I was fortunate to attend the Tempe Community Salutes event on Monday May 11th and had a wonderful time. I got the opportunity to meet many, if not all, of the students in our school district that have successfully enlisted into one of the branches of military service.

My personal favorite part was the ending with the ceremonial colors and the song which is a compilation of all the different branch's fight song. When the Navy anthem started to play, I proudly stood up in uniform and in the corner of my eye I saw my son standing up too. 
That was a special moment.

Have a blessed Memorial Day Weekend

Moses Sanchez


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